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The Saint Challenge is one of the many projects from Catholic Treehouse that is part of its mission. That mission is to provide resources to help people perfect their love of their Creator, the perfect love that is called “the state of Christian Perfection”. 

Other content may cover topics including virtues, marriage & relationships, parenting, current events, politics, and living an authentic Catholic life in modern-day society.

Community Guidelines

Please respect the following community guidelines to maintain an enjoyable environment:

  • If what you want to say would offend the Holy Family, don’t say it.
  • If the image you want to post would offend the Holy Family, don’t post it.
  • If the link you want to share would offend the Holy Family, don’t share it.
  • Detraction, murmuring, slander, and violations of decorum will not be tolerated.

In short: Be positive. Be respectful. Be a saint.

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